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A mosque is where Muslims love and petition God. A few mosques are additionally puts where Muslims get together and talk about things or where strict training happens. In certain nations mosques additionally fill political needs and imams talk about political issues. Mosques go back to the seventh century when …

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Landmarks and Memorials

Landmarks are items or structures that have been made to respect a notable individual or a notable occasion that occurred. Individuals have constructed landmarks for a great many years. By and large they are images of antiquated developments, similar to the pyramids of old Egypt or the Greek Parthenon. These …

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Ivory is a smooth material that can be found in the tusks of warm blooded animals. Elephants, walruses, hippos and whales are the essential wellsprings of ivory. Since it is so important and costly, ivory has been exchanged the world over for a considerable length of time. Egyptian stone carvers …

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