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Ivory is a smooth material that can be found in the tusks of warm blooded animals. Elephants, walruses, hippos and whales are the essential wellsprings of ivory. Since it is so important and costly, ivory has been exchanged the world over for a considerable length of time.

Egyptian stone carvers cut ivory objects for their pharaoh. Antiquated Greeks and Romans utilized ivory to make workmanship, strict items and adornments. Indeed, even enormous statues were made of ivory. The antiquated Chinese got ivory from brokers that brought it from India and Southeast Asia. For quite a long time it was utilized as a money.

From the outset individuals utilized ivory from Asian elephants yet then observed that the ivory of African elephants was simpler to cut. Dealers began moving in on Africa and the ivory exchange began to blast. Before plastic was developed ivory was utilized for making objects of regular day to day existence, similar to cut handles, piano keys, brushes and billiard balls.

The most popular type of ivory is in an elephant’s tusks. They can develop to a length of more than 3 meters and weigh as much as a hundred kilograms. The outside of a tusk is regularly dull, though within is white or cream-shaded. Ivory is a hard material that can be effectively cut into various shapes. In numerous nations painstaking work, gifts and gems are produced using ivory.

Ivory is likewise protected in the tundra of Siberia, northern Canada and other polar districts where ancient mammoths wandered the landmasses a large number of years back. A portion of these tusks are bigger than the tusks of well evolved creatures that exist today. Anyway such fossil ivory is more diligently to cut.

Walrus tusks are particularly mainstream in North America, where they were utilized by Native Americans for a long time.

Today exchanging ivory from elephants and other jeopardized creatures is illicit. During the twentieth century enormous pieces of the elephant populace were diminished in view of ivory exchange. The poached ivory is carried out of the nation and sold at a significant expense.

Since the finish of the twentieth century legislatures of African and Asian nations have concentrated on catching poachers and bracing down on unlawful exchanging rings. Huge amounts of ivory are seized by specialists consistently. Over the most recent couple of years these activities have settled the elephant populace. A few nations have placed elephants into holds, where they can be firmly observed.

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