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Chandigarh – India’s First Planned City

Chandigarh is one of the most completely arranged urban areas on the planet. It was made when the Indian subcontinent was separated in 1947. At the point when Lahore, the capital of the Punjab, turned into a piece of Pakistan , another city must be found. Chandigarh was picked as the new capital of East Pakistan. Structured by a popular French modeler, it turned into an image of the new India, found 250 km north of New Delhi , at the lower regions of the Himalaya Mountains.

Despite the fact that the city was initially anticipated a large portion of a million people , the present populace is over a million .For Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, the city was a notoriety venture and an image of opportunity for the new majority rule government.

Chandigarh is separated into areas, which are associated with one another. They all have their own parks, schools , shopping regions, walkways and different offices. The wide streets are characterized by their capacities and lined by various trees.

Today, the city shows a consistent development rate the same number of outsiders from the less fortunate pieces of India go toward the north looking for a superior life.

The Capitol complex is the focal vacation spot. The solid High Court and Open Hand mold shows the design of the time. The well known Rock Garden contains more than 2000 figures, including wrecked stones from towns that were devastated so as to manufacture the new city.

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